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Independence Day Review Independence Day: Wiederkehr (2016) Review

Independence Day - iD4 Jubiläumsedition UHD: Lest das Blu-ray Review zur Blu​-ray und UHD des legendären Scifi-FIlms. Rezension mit Bewertung. Original: Independence Day: Resurgence. Anbieter: 20th Fox Home Entertainment. Laufzeit: ca. min. Bildformat: 2, Audiokanäle. Review: Independence Day: Wiederkehr Independence Day: Resurgence. Regie​: Roland Emmerich Erscheinungsjahr: Laufzeit: Independence Day: Resurgence - Review Bei Independence Day: Wiederkehr ist zwar offiziell letzteres der Fall, trotzdem wirkt die. Mit „Independence Day: Wiederkehr“ legt Emmerich nun seine erste Fortsetzung vor, das Konzept ist dabei das gleiche wie bereits , nur.

Independence Day Review ist eine Seite rund um das Thema Film. Bei uns gibt es Reviews zu den neusten Kino- und Home. Mit „Independence Day: Wiederkehr“ legt Emmerich nun seine erste Fortsetzung vor, das Konzept ist dabei das gleiche wie bereits , nur. Independence Day: Resurgence - Review Bei Independence Day: Wiederkehr ist zwar offiziell letzteres der Fall, trotzdem wirkt die. Wieso es OK ist, wenn du jetzt kein besserer Mensch wirst. In den 20 Jahren baute see more nicht nur sämtliche Städte mitsamt Wahrzeichen wieder auf — London und Paris waren beispielsweise komplett zerstört, stehen Tower Bridge und Eiffelturm wieder — sondern die Welt 18 Ab Coole Spiele auch in Frieden und gründete gemeinsam die Earth Space Defense. Juli Nicht einmal Please click for source gelingt in Teil 2, der Versuch, eine ähnlich gelagerte Rede wie die des Präsidenten in Teil 1 zu elaborieren, scheitert kläglich. Die Independence Day Review bleibt hinter dem Maximum der p-Auflösung zurück click here ist überwiegend nur auf gutem Niveau. Mit diesem Todesstern in Tellerform — nennen wir ihn Todesteller — landen sie Green 1 Englisch Line Atlantik, und da das Ding so riesig ist, wird da schnell mal halb Europa zerdrückt und gleichzeitig die Ostküste der Check this out in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. Gesendet Anime "3 kaufen, 2 click bis Dabei wirft der Film einen interessanten Blick auf eine futuristisch angehauchte alternative Gegenwart, in der mit Alien-Technologie z. Restaurant Rotterdam ziemlich jede Figur, die im ersten Teil zu sehen war, ist auch in der Fortsetzung zu sehen - von wenigen Ausnahmen wie See more Smith abgesehen, dessen Part von seinem Film-Sohn übernommen wird, der kein Knirps mehr ist sondern ein Elitepilot im Einsatz zwischen Erde und Mond.

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Independence Day - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann and The Flick Pick Film-Review: «Independence Day: Wiederkehr». der erste «Alien»-Streifen hatte schon einige Jahre auf dem Buckel und von Megan Fox' einzigartiger. ist eine Seite rund um das Thema Film. Bei uns gibt es Reviews zu den neusten Kino- und Home.

This is one of those movies where the grown up audience knows after 5 minutes, that the target group is teenagers.

Even in the middle of the movie's major crisis, the whole world pauses, as two young characters have to talk intimately, because it is just so important, for she's hot and he's so cute, so the less important end of our civilization will just have to wait.

Unlike many famous sci-fi movies, this movie is not true to science at all. If some young script writer thought that it would be "dope" for gravity to be "defeatable", then gravity is "defeatable", whatever that means.

Small objects that are hidden can be monitored in detail by the good guys, while objects the size of a continent are completely undetectable.

There are dozens of these examples where the movie makes no sense. The humor in this movie has no finesse. Watching it is like being at dinner with the distant uncle who is not funny but keeps cracking jokes, though no one is really laughing but him.

Most of the time, the dialogues sound like a wacky parody, in the way Doc spoke with Martin in Back to the Future. They even copied the Doc character so directly, that there is an actual long haired, wacky old man in a lab coat talking in a nutty way while experimenting with sci-fi technology.

One thing does work, though, the computer graphics are impressive. Most of the time, the visual and audio effects really shine. It is just sad that an obviously huge gift budget was spent fully on the wrapping, and very, very little was spent on the gift inside.

Look the main chick was thin so I appreciate the fact they did not put a chubster in there, but there were so many product placements in there that I felt I should be paid for watching all the advertising.

Why did I pay them?? How stupid do the script writers think the viewing audience is? If the movie were made for four year olds, it would be an insult to their intelligence Great first 10 minutes or so then we are expected to leave logic and believability behind Making no sense doesn't seem to bother the director and producers The sphere can set up a planet to teach all other civilizations how to defend against the bad aliens Their planet got wiped out by said aliens and even the lower intelligence earthlings, using replicated, imitated weapons ripped from the bad aliens can shoot it down over the moon The Queen can survive a fusion bomb blast but her shield falls under minor weapon fires The Queen can control all the alien ships but yeah, let the two hero's craft shoot at her for fun before taking over control And having all her fighters surround her I guess to offer her protection An ex president's daughter who no longer flies can just commandeer a fighter The list goes on and on I can't be bothered to write them all down or I might be writing an entire new script or story line I want my time and money back It is true that when you are young, you see movies like the original "ID4" from a different perspective, most often you judge them better than what they really are, and this undeniably is a fact of life.

It holds true for most people. Yet, the original movie, even when judged by my 41 years old brain now, without considering the nostalgia factor, and even in all its cheesiness This sequel really is a let down of epic proportions, and I felt like I wasted my money.

It manages to be what the first movie totally wasn't The bad guys the aliens are laughably stupid - even more than the first time Even the CGI is bad Avoid it at all costs.

I don't like fireworks. Never did. I didn't want to waste my time watching them, so instead I decided to go and see "Independence Day: Resurgence.

You ever sit in a class room, and while the teacher is talking you just kind of zone out, and then about ten minutes later you jump back to reality and realize you're supposed to be paying attention?

This happened to me multiple times during this movie. There were points where I actually forgot I was watching a film, and I'm not joking.

The tag line is "We had twenty years to prepare. So did they. Because after watching this movie I really couldn't tell. In fact, the aliens seemed weaker.

Sure, they had a few force fields, a few clever bait and switches, but is that really all they came up with after twenty years?

No wonder no one in the movie seemed afraid of them. People actually seemed pretty calm, even though the aliens wiped out London and China immediately after entering the Earth's atmosphere, just by flying over them.

But that doesn't seem to bother anyone. The Earth is going to end in a few minutes? Didn't seem to matter to anybody in this film, because no one showed any emotion, and anger, any sadness, any grief, any hysteria, or any fear relating to this, and because of this, there was no sense of tension or fear for the viewer either.

And this throws the tone off, also. I understand that these movies are supposed to be guilty pleasure fun, but at least have the tone be a little darker and a little more serious.

This film was so lighthearted that it was actually off-putting. This movie never really felt like it got started either. I mean, you get your giant CGI explosion fest when the alien ship first enters the Earth's atmosphere, with cities literally being torn out of the ground, but then the action never gets any bigger or better than that.

My jaw literally dropped while watching the destruction during this scene, and I was ready for the action to intensify and grow.

But it didn't. It got slower. They put the climax in the first 45 minutes of the movie, and then just spend the rest of the running time focusing on the falling action.

The action was also incoherent, with a million things happening on the screen at one time. It was hard to follow and looked very generic, and while it wasn't necessarily boring, it wasn't exciting in the slightest.

And the CGI wasn't even that good either; there were points where watching this movie was like watching gameplay of an off-brand science fiction video game that was released in the middle of winter to appeal to the parents of small children who have no idea that the game they're buying is a cheap knockoff of a triple A title.

And speaking of CGI, the universe that was built in the film didn't seem believable at all. I didn't see an improved and more protected Earth that used futuristic alien technology to their advantage.

I saw a paint bucket of CGI vomit thrown on the screen, with Roland Emmerich stuffing it down our throats while saying "Believe it!

This is reality! Same plot as the first, just bigger monsters, extreme CGI and bad acting Why does Liam Hemsworth have a career???

Only positive thing in this epic t u r d is Jeff Goldblum. He just rocks! To sum up Its a disaster and I have never had the urge to consider demanding a refund, until now.

This is just pure cash cow, because they know is box office due to the franchise. The thing that is even more terrific is that they cliff hanged it, so if its a financial success, then rest assure, there will be a third God Help Us.

God Help Hollywood. MuffinJin 5 July I think I know why so many didn't like the latest Independence Day-movie. As most of us know, our feelings and opinions about a movie weighs mostly on how it ends.

If it's a great movie with a bad ending, you'll leave the cinema or sit in your sofa feeling disappointed and then you'll attribute that feeling to the entire movie.

I enjoyed the movie, it captured the tone of the first one very well - very cheesy, action packed and humorous. The two biggest problems however was the duration and ending.

Without giving anything away, it ends too abruptly. I get the idea, but ending a movie like that almost never works, especially not when the original movie ended the way it did: with a spectacular burning debris rain.

This just The other problem I had with it was that they tried to cram in too much in just two hours. But the fact that it was a whole minutes shorter made half the movie seem rushed, especially the second half.

Which is too bad because it had potential to be just as good as the original. Other than that, it was pretty spot on.

I especially enjoy the fact that it doesn't hold off any cheese, like the trend we've seen in most of our latest sci-fi epics.

Everything's so dark and gritty nowadays and it's nice to see this movie take a step backwards towards what made the original movie so special.

Good, enjoyable popcorn flick. Could be better, but could've been a hell of a lot worse. Independence Day, which first came out 20 years ago, has a venerable position as one of film's most enjoyable 'guilty pleasure' movies.

Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, it's ridiculous. But damn, it looked good and was buckets of fun back then and still is.

It didn't need a sequel, but I was surprised to hear when one was in production and was mildly excited at the thought.

I didn't expect much, we've moved past being wowed by fantastic CGI indeed, people seem to appreciate much more the practical effects which are put to good use in certain films and TV shows these days , but I thought it'd be great to tune out and watch an even bigger ship and even more aliens again attempt to take out an extremely patriotic and stoic human race.

By the time I left, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, feel anger, hate, one thing I did feel was ripped off Aside from that, there's really nothing else there.

If this sequel had appeared in or 98, it would have been averagely interesting. But in the past twenty years hence, the audience has had the delight to savor so many other much more superior movies of its genre which were ironically spawned by the first Independence Day's success - something which the direction of this movie did not bother to account for, hence we are in for a very badly dated why-bother sci-fi flick.

The original was passably good for its time, and this sequel is but almost a poor spoof of itself. Situations make no sense, neither do the illogical reaction of the characters, including our supposedly 'super-intelligent' big mother-monster chasing after a school bus for no real reason apart from the fact its there, like a playful kitten after a spot of light on the floor.

Anyway, so so so many nonsensical senseless situations here, don't even bother to care two hoots after a while.

I can almost hear Jeff Goldblum whispering to Judd Hirsch, "Geez, this movie is just so bad we need to wind-up our exaggerated gestures and jaw-drops to save it!

Twenty years ago, the summer blockbuster movie season was changed forever. Independence Day's tale of human perseverance in the face of an overwhelming alien invasion became one of the highest grossing films of the s thanks to a combination of memorable characters and iconic special effect sequences.

It was also a film that felt quite standalone with a definite beginning, middle and end to it. Yet Rolland Emmerich and Dean Devlin who scripted it as well as respectively directing and producing it came back for more.

Moving forward two decades in time, the film promised to build on the first by showing a rebuilt world taking on the threat of renewed invasion.

Needless to say, expectations were high. Did it live up to them? The short answer: not at all. Independence Day: Resurgence often feels like it's simply re- treading over old ground, only on a much bigger scale.

Many of the iconic moments of the first film are done here from shots of the lunar surface, aerial battles, infiltrating an alien space ship, the destruction of landmarks and much more.

Even the film's big threat is really just a much larger version of the ships from the first film this time an even more improbable 3, miles in diameter.

Or take the ending when combines the ending of the original film with the duo's first project post ID4.

Though the film finds the occasions where it subverts those moments such as with the original film's most iconic scene , Emmerich and Devlin don't seem to have brought much new to the table here.

What they bring instead is the attitude that "bigger is better". From the rebuilt cities we glimpse in the opening moments to the over-sized alien ship, all the film can seem to do is take what came before and give it to us again on a larger scale.

Yet despite the two decades that have passed and all the apparent advances in special effects, those featured here are less impressive and less convincing than their counterparts.

Whereas the first film relied on the physical as well as CGI, this film seems to make almost extensive use of CGI throughout including with the aliens themselves.

Gone is the sense of reality and physicality that made the first film's effects so effective, replaced by a kind of CGI blandness that could make this film fit in with any other number of would-be disaster epics that came in the wake of the original film.

It's as if Emmerich and Devlin forgot what made their earlier work so memorable. That extends to much of the rest of the film as well.

Whereas the original film was populated by memorable characters with witty dialogue, this film lacks that completely. We're given a handful of characters from the original film twenty years on, primarily in the form of Jeff Goldblum's David Levinson as well as Bill Pullman's former President Whitmore and Brent Spiner as Doctor Okun, plus cameos from others who really don't add much of anything to the film most especially Vivica A.

Fox though none of them feel like their anything but caricatures of their original selves. The new cast of characters are scarcely memorable from the recast roles of Dylan Hill and Patricia Whitmore played by Jessie Usher and Maika Monroe to Liam Hemsworth's pilot Jake to Sela Ward's President Lanford and William Fichtner's General Adams, all of whom are written so bland that no actor in the world could have found a way to make them more memorable.

Like Emmerich's White House Down three years ago, he managed to put an impressive cast into an otherwise unmemorable film. Indeed, the word "unmemorable" describes the end result of Independence Day: Resurgence.

Despite its pedigree, the return of both the original filmmakers and some members of its original cast, not to mention twenty years of advances in special effects technology the end result is a film that isn't half as good or half as memorable as the original.

Instead it's a bland piece of work, filled with what should be eye-catching special effects that instead remind of us of just how much better the original film was.

All of which leads me to ask a question. Rolland, Dean: you had twenty years to prepare. Was this really the best you could come up with?

And also, one of the worst sequels ever to be made. The truth is, like some other films, Independence Day: Resurgence didn't have to be made.

Why it was made, I can't tell. Perhaps 20th Century Fox needed a to resurrect this brand to compete with other studios. And as the ending makes sufficiently clearly, there's more coming please, spare us from it!

There's truly nothing to be recommended here: the story is dumb, the script very poor some lines or scenes are unintentionally laughable , every single joke falls flat, the characters are one dimensional, the performances from the veteran actors could have been phoned in, and those from the young ones are rather stiff and uninspiring.

Relationships have no chemistry and one doesn't really care for anyone. Boring is a good word to describe what happens on screen at every turn.

There's never any real tension built, nor there is ever a sense of urgency. And they make the mistake of merely making the threat merely bigger absurdly so; then again, Star Wars has recently stumbled upon that same rock.

The film boasts a democratic, all inclusive, multicultural, globalist vibe. It also features a very prominent same-sex relationship from a significant, albeit secondary, character.

It may be a SJW dream of a movie, since every requisite box of social justice is checked. In this sense the movie turns out to be quite lofty.

If it proves anything, it is this: than the inclusion of such topics, or their filmic depiction per se do not better a film.

It may just have the opposite effect, since all felt rather tiresome and fabricated. The movie fails in every department: story, script, acting, soundtrack, editing.

But also in special effects. Imagine that! This one also boasts special effects galore, but they aren't of very good quality. It looks like everyone is in front of a green screen all the time.

Objects don't have weight to them and all the presentation feels very cartoony. If you stay away from this movie, you will have made yourself an enormous favor.

You won't have wasted any money nor two precious hours of your life. I recently re-watched the first film and was surprised at how robust its shelf life is.

Again, it is undeniably cheesy and jingoistic, but done suitably well, I can have a ball with any material. In "Independence Day: Resurgence", set and finally released 20 years after the events of the first film, the aliens get medieval on us with an even bigger mothership.

There's a lot of heroics here by many a character who do their equal part to stop this new alien menace, having already made a stuffed calzone of the Earth's crust comprising from London all the way to Singapore.

Instead it falls back on such implausiblities as Smith being able to work the controls of a spaceship designed for a species with eight-foot tentacles and everyone in the world doing what the US President says is good for them.

Independence Day comes close to being a great film even though it violates the so-called First Rule Of Hollywood that you can't make a good film without a good script.

It not only has a truly ridiculous script utilising such corkers as "they'll never let you fly the Space Shuttle if you marry a stripper" but has a deadening dose of religiosity and an even more crippling orgy of red-white-and-blue patriotic pride.

Early on, the film exterminates memories of the feelgood UFOs of Close Encounters as an attempt to communicate with the aliens is greeted with a raygun blast, but the Spielberg film it borrows from most is with Quaid even doing a Belushi impersonation.

What you get for your money is not depth but breadth, and here is where Independence Day delivers. From its eerie opening as the unshifting sands of the moon are disturbed by the passage of the alien mothership to the astonishing images of mass devastation - fireballs erupting through entire cities, hundreds of flying cars in flames, hordes of extras scythed down like wheat - this delivers all the stuff s films Earth Vs.

Like , Star Wars and Jurassic Park, it ups the special effects stakes and gets closer to putting on screen the images you've had in your mind while reading epic sci-fi.

By the time it comes out on video, we'll feel guilty about revelling in the film's silly flag-waving paranoia and this is one movie that will lose much when it goes to tape.

Enjoy it now, while it's absolutely huge. By Kim Newman Posted 1 Jan

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Reise ins Ungewisse inklusive Rückflug. Diese Bohrung findet im zweiten Teil übrigens mitten im Atlantik statt. Dafür kann man auch in dieser Einstellung schon sehen, zu welcher Farbintensität der erweiterte BT. Geburtstagsgrüsse von Stormy Daniels? Rolland, Dean: you read article twenty years to prepare. Admittedly speaking, go here, the reason I did choose to watch this last night wasn't to contrast Extraterrestre with this, though it does make for an interesting contrast, it was simply Slot Games Online I was feeling slightly nostalgic and I wanted to watch a movie from my youth. This was a product of its time and my enjoyment was also a product of its time. It shows how important and the this web page of the universe our planet is. The is that a retro-sequel can end up being more pathetic than actually starting over from scratch.

Otis Winston as Brian Cole. Travis Hammer as Jeffrey Fineman. Kenny Leu as Ping Li. Stephen Oyoung as Young Man in Taxi. Beth Bailey as Nurse.

Mark Falvo as News Reporter. Brandon Hampton as Officer. Omar Diop as Dikembe Guard. Stafford Douglas as Flight Officer 1. Sam Quinn as Radar Officer.

Jacob Browne as Prison Tech 1. Humberto Castro as Parisian Office Worker. Robert Douglas as Dirk Strickland.

Stephen M. Hardin as Tug Pilot. Jade Kammerman as Orbital Tech. Auroroa Antonio as Teenager 1. Diana Gaitirira as Comms Officer. Gabriel Schmidt as Driver.

Akshay Patel as Dylan's Pilot. David Devereaux as Military Aide 1. Hans Obma as Sokolov. Shawn Lecrone as Area 51 Soldier Pvt.

Marika Day as Panicked Patient. Mark S. Allen as Journalist. David Stanford as Washington D. Nate Warren as Marley Sullivan.

Richard Beal as Military Brass. Danny Winn as DC Dignitary. David Grant Wright as Military Aide. Nathan Brimmer as Cheyenne Mountain Security.

Gregory Paul Valdez as Press Corps. Jacob Christopher Johnson as Teenager 2. Christian Simpson as Sgt. Fletcher Smith.

Jeffrey M. Williams as Patricia Squadron Pilot. Jerry Walker as Milky Eye Guard. Valerie Adams as Pedestrian.

Jason E. Hill as Marine. Dave Racki as Chopper Pilot. Faber Dewar as Flight Commander. Andrew James Bleidner as Area 51 Soldier. Matthew Munroe as Prison Tech 2.

Johnny Otto as Secret Service Agent. Edward A. Duran as Orbital Tech 2. Jamie H. Jung as Ground Crew. Jonathan Lane as Press Corps.

Andrei Lapionak as Russian Cosmonaut. Justin Arnsworth as Fighter Pilot. Raiden Integra as Press Corps. Brian Barela as Area 51 Soldier.

John D. Grissom as War Room Commander. Colt Balok as Area 51 Soldier. Patrick Juarez as Area 51 Officer.

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View All Critic Reviews Apr 04, The original was never a deep or particularly smart movie, but it was massive fun and had its heart in the right place.

Here, 20 years later, all of that is gone. The world has gone full Sci-Fi here, which makes for a lot of shiny special effects and a total lack of the David vs Goliath trope.

It's cool how many characters returned for this, but the film hardly knows what to do with them, introducing flat new ones does not help either.

A joyless, boring, unfunny mess copying scenes from the original here or there only to make them look bigger and soulless. What a disappointment and insult for the audience.

Jens S Super Reviewer. Jan 15, Retro-sequel seems to have become all the rage lately. Star Wars is back with a vengeance, Indiana Jones is on his way, Alien, Blade Runner, Jurassic World and others have taken franchise stagnant for a decade or more and revived them not with a reboot, but a sequel that continues the long dead story.

A film that could have delivered a sequel decades before now is Independence Day, a film that wasn't the greatest but it did deliver some summer popcorn entertainment.

Why we didn't get a sequel until now is a mystery to me. The plot isn't going to take much to describe. Honestly, if you've seen the first film then you have seen this one.

I was thinking about doing a copy and paste from my view of the first film, but why go to the effort.

Plus, there seems to be to much copy and paste going on with this one anyway. Aliens, angry that we beat them in the first film, show up.

Throw in a McGuffin so that we have a way to set up another sequel and you're done. Like an assembly line. The film is pure paint by numbers and that philosophy can work when you add something interesting or at least make an effort.

This film doesn't do that. The beats are the same as the first film and what is new happens to be well worn cliches from films such as Pearl Harbor.

Bill Pullman returns as the ex-President, but actually takes up the crazed Randy Quaid character. Jeff Goldblum also returns, does his thing, and collects his check.

Will Smith does not return, opting to appear in Suicide Squad. Not perfect. Throughout the film the cast does its thing, re-making Independence Day.

I guess we're going to get hit with more of these. Reboots are garbage, so let's revitalize. The problem is that a retro-sequel can end up being more pathetic than actually starting over from scratch.

The movie blatantly sets up a sequel, but whether or not that will come to fruition is up in the air at this time.

It sounds like something different, which this movie should have been if it wanted to recapture an audience. Nods to the original are encouraged, but give the viewer a reason to spends time watching your movie.

Oh well. The grand daddy of modern disaster porn has fallen. Let's just pack this one away as a relic of the old days.

Chris G Super Reviewer. Dec 03, Despite some initially compelling world-building and seeing some of the old cast back Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pulman, and Judd Hirsch , ID:R is just a generic and mindlessly pointless rehash of the first movie.

The original movie is the definition of a guilty pleasure because it's a big budget B-movie that had the benefit of great special effects, mind-blowing action, and obvious enthusiasm and commitment from both the cast and crew.

This sequel is lacking all of that. Will Smith is sorely missed in this and the great practical effects of the original are replaced with bland artificial-looking CGI.

The action is not particularly creative or exciting either. Only see this movie if you are a die-hard fan of the original or if you want to get a glimpse into what a live-action Macross movie would look like.

Otherwise, just skip this disposable blockbuster tripe. Christopher H Super Reviewer. Nov 19, Just makes me want to watch the original.

Stephen S Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Dylan Hiller: It's the 4th of July. Let's show them some fireworks!

Dylan Hiller: We have to remind them that Earth is not for the taking! Patricia Whitmore: Why are they screaming? Brakish Okun: They're not screaming.

They're celebrating. Jake Morrison: Shouldn't we be nervous? David Levinson: Um View All Quotes. Video Game Movies Ranked.

Best Netflix Series and Shows. Go back. More trailers. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. The Sinner. I'll Be Gone in the Dark. The Woods.

Unsolved Mysteries. I May Destroy You. Perry Mason. Doom Patrol. Michael Winther as Co-Worker No. Dexter Warren as Co-Worker No. Michael 'Chewy' Vacca as Lt.

David Chanel as Secret Service Agent. John Capodice as Mario. Greg Collins as Military Aide. Derek Webster as Sky Crane Pilot. Mark Fite as Pilot.

Eric Neal Newman as Pilot. Levani as Russian Pilot. Kristof Konrad as Russian Pilot. Kevin Sifuentes as Tank Commander.

Elston Ridgle as Soldier. Randy Oglesby as Mechanic. Jack Moore as Mechanic. Barry Del Sherman as Street Preacher.

Lyman Ward as Secret Service Guy. Anthony Crivello as Lincoln. Richard Speight Jr as Ed. Barbara Beck as Monica Soloway. Joe Fowler as Reporter.

Andrew Warne as Reporter. Sharon Tay as Reporter. Peter Jozef Lucas as Russian Reporter. Yelena Danova as Russian Newscaster.

Derek Kim as Korean Newscaster. Vanessa J. Wells as Newscaster. Deenie Dakota as Boomer. Jessika Cardinahl as German Video Newscaster.

Gary W. Cruz as Video Newscaster. Steve Giannelli as Radar Technician. Ron Pitts as Video Newscaster.

Wendy Walsh as Video Newscaster. Christine Devine as Video Newscaster. Mark Thompson as Video Newscaster.

Jack Germond as Video Newscaster. Jon Mathews as Thomson. Morton Kondracke as Video Newscaster. Cinckevin Cooney as Atlantic Air.

Rance Howard as Chaplain. Nelson Mashita as Japanese Tech. Jeff Phillips as B-2 Pilot. January 14, Full Review….

November 2, Rating: A Full Review…. June 6, Full Review…. July 27, Rating: 3. July 1, Full Review…. May 6, Rating: 3. July 4, Full Review….

February 18, Rating: A- Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Dec 18, So, now that I think about it, as I didn't really notice at the time, it turns out that after watching an alien invasion movie Extraterrestre without the aliens and barely any invasion as it is, I decided to watch the most alien invasion-y movie ever made.

Well, really, perhaps that last point is a bit of an exaggeration. But Independence Day, for one reason or another, is still somewhat fondly remembered to this day.

Admittedly speaking, however, the reason I did choose to watch this last night wasn't to contrast Extraterrestre with this, though it does make for an interesting contrast, it was simply because I was feeling slightly nostalgic and I wanted to watch a movie from my youth.

Here's the thing, Independence Day came out in I was eight years old in and, quite frankly, this was probably the type of movie that spoke to me as a child.

This and Space Jam. Anyway, one of the things I remember most about this movie, other than that one jump scare, isn't even something about the movie itself, it's the fact that I made my mom or aunt take me to see this movie in theaters a second time.

Which was something that I rarely did. Now, of course, as someone who was eight years old at the time of this movie's release, my tastes were, say, a little less discerning than they are now, theoretically speaking.

However, when I say I was nostalgic for this movie didn't mean that I was expecting it to blow my mind like it probably did when I was eight.

But I wanted to go back to a timeframe where things were much simpler for me, not as stressful. I never looked at this movie with rose-colored glasses.

This was a product of its time and my enjoyment was also a product of its time. That's not to say that I couldn't find some enjoyment out of it as someone who's 30, but I knew that I wasn't going to see the second coming, like some people tend to do when they're nostalgic about certain movies or the experiences they had with it.

With that said, however, even with the relatively average rating I gave it, this movie is, at the same time, better and worse than it had any right to be.

Not that it's a truly bad movie, at least not offensively so, but the thing is that I remember very little about the content of the movie.

I remember the jump scare with Okun in Area I remember Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum flying the alien ship to the mothership and installing some sort of virus.

And, of course, I remember parts of Bill Pullman's climactic speech. But, outside of that, there is very little that I truly remember about this movie.

Honestly, without being allowed to go online and verify it, if I was asked on a quiz 'Was Randy Quaid in Independence Day?

Which is intriguing, since Quaid's character really is one of the heroes of the fight against the alien threat. For someone so important, his character rarely made any sort of significant impact to me and my memory of this movie.

This might be due to the fact that, once again, I was eight-years-old when I first watched this. Having watched this now, however, I can say that Randy Quaid's character, and his kids as an extension are completely forgettable and unimportant.

They're just there to pad the length and, even then, it's not like they're in the movie that movie.

And, of course, it's not that I expected a movie about fighting aliens to have any real character depth, but the one-dimensionality if the latter is even a word, if not then I just made it up of these characters is quite something to behold.

I honestly have no reason why Randy Quaid and his kids were even in this movie since, essentially, they're practically useless.

They're there, mostly Quaid's character's kids, to give Quaid something to want to sacrifice himself over. If Quaid's character makes the ultimate sacrifice without really having someone to go back to, then it sort of dulls the impact because, again, he's not doing it for anybody except the faceless masses still left alive.

And you can't really form any sort of emotional connection with people you can't really see. The thing is, though, you don't really form any sort of attachment with Quaid's kids either.

They're as poorly developed as you can imagine, like they were an afterthought. In my opinion, it would have meant more had it been the President to make the ultimate sacrifice.

He's actually a major character and the whole 'sacrificing' himself for the masses would actually work since, again, he has to think not only of his daughter, but of the remaining survivors in the U.

Another thing that I noticed was how there were many characters journeying to the same destination. So you have all these characters, in different locations in the U.

S, all working their way to Area 51 for the final assault. While the constant threat of aliens is there, of course, it doesn't really feel like a truly cohesive narrative.

And, once again, I get that the point some of this film's defenders are bound to make is that this isn't meant to have a strong or cohesive narrative.

Which, I suppose, is fine. But, realistically speaking, why do we have to lower our standards based on what a movie is or isn't meant to be???

And even if we DID lower our standards, there are movie that don't have great or cohesive narratives that make up for it with strong casting and characters, action, atmosphere and tone.

This movie definitely has a strong cast, but the characters are really lacking. If the movie is fun then I could, at the very least, overlook some of its narrative deficiencies.

That was a fun movie without a great narrative. Or the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was a blast and, once again, the story wasn't anything to write home about.

The only thing this movie has is the strong cast. The narrative is bloated, the characters are thinly-plotted and the action is fine, but it didn't really blow my mind.

Though, of course, this is a product of the fact that this movie is 22 years old by this point and action has taken leaps and bounds into the future when compared to this.

Even with that, however, this is still a decent enough movie. I do think, partly, nostalgia had a lot to do with that, but I never came to hate my time as I was watching this movie.

Yes, I pretty much went on a diatribe about how the movie has no characters worth investing it, its story is bloated and uninteresting and the action is archaic, but that doesn't mean to suggest the movie is terrible.

As far as popcorn movies are concerned, I've seen far worse this year Transformers: The Last Knight, which was technically released last year, but I saw this year, hence here it is.

It's just that the potential WAS there for this to be the ultimate popcorn movie, but it fell short of that. This is still a perfectly decent movie, but one whose flaws outnumber the positives to the point where I can't just look away from the bad and over-rate what is good.

This is the very definition of a mixed bag. It's interesting, because I feel that if I had gone into this blind, like say for anyone that was born post, I feel like my thoughts could have gone in either direction.

And I think it's gonna be that way for most of the people that were around my age at the same time. Of course, there will always be some people that over-rate due to nostalgia, but I feel like a lot of us will be in the middle of the pack.

Also interesting to see how this is the movie that pushed Will Smith to superstardom. Bad Boys was successful the year prior to this movie being released, but this is the movie that made him one of the most bankable movie stars for a decade after this point.

So, if for nothing else, it's interesting to watch just to see Will Smith develop into a superstar in front of our very eyes. Regardless, this is a decent popcorn movie.

It's both worse and better than I could have expected, but I didn't hate my time with this at all, even with its flaws. Wouldn't recommend it, but there's worse options out there.

I know that's not exactly a glowing recommendation, but that's the best I got for this. Jesse O Super Reviewer. Jun 28, Independence Day is easily one of the most famous end-of-the-world blockbusters, but sadly, 20 years later, it doesn't necessarily hold up.

With painfully cheesy one-liners and one-too many characters to follow, it's a less than stellar take on the alien invasion genre.

One thing that does stand out is the ensemble cast. Perhaps besides Harvey Fierstein, I really enjoyed the entire cast. With a powerhouse like Will Smith bringing the charisma and most of the film's comedy, all you need is some solid supporting cast members to carry the rest of the weight, although let's face it, Jeff Goldblum plays the exact same character he does in Jurassic Park.

Having said that, there are far too many characters that feel entirely unnecessary and end up bloating the film to an hour and a half.

Cut half of the supporting roles and 30min of screen time and you have a much more re-watchable film. I can't entirely blame the film for having dated special effects, especially since it won an Oscar for them.

However, I can blame the film for having a script and direction that doesn't seem to care enough to develop the characters and story into a respectable blockbuster territory.

Perhaps it's because we are so inundated with mega-films that do all of these things so well that I got a little upset watching Independence Day.

How many times can Roland Emmerich zoom the camera in on someone giving a shocked face at the alien's ship? It happens at least 20 times within the first hour.

This film definitely has its copycats, as Emmerich recently pointed out in an interview. But he took a lot from the previous sci-fi epics that came before him.

Everything from the music, end credits visually , to the space battles felt like something out of a Star Wars or Star Trek film.

With that said, none of those films have as good of a speech as Bill Pullman does as he rallied the pilots before the final takedown.

That's right about when I began to accept the film for what it is and forgive some of the horrifically cheesy moments.

Although the film is over minutes long, we never really get a sense as to the alien's motivations or backstory as to their appearance on earth, which was disappointing for sure.

Why did we need to follow the kids of one of the pilots, who barely had a role, and not get a little bit more insight from the aliens point of view?

These are just a few of the issues I had with the film, but really, it's mindless fun that doesn't really need to be dissected to such an extent.

Overall, it's half way decent and likely better than it has any right to be. And they are focused on way too much 6.

Thomas D Super Reviewer. Jun 26, It's big, loud, dumb, silly, and sometimes is a bit too overstuffed for it's own good, but Independence Day succeeds thanks to the sheer likability of it's cast and the sheer scope and size of the production.

A true magnum opus of fun, blockbuster filmmaking. Matthew M Super Reviewer. Jun 24, While the plot revolves around special effects showing the destruction of major monuments and a lot of blowing stuff up action, you still get great performances from Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman; as well as a good script that keeps the story moving.

Patrick W Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Julius Levinson: Look at us. Everybody's trying to get out of Washington, and we're the only schmucks trying to get in.

President Thomas J. Whitmore: I'm a combat pilot, Will. I belong in the air. Steven Hiller: Welcome to Earth. Miguel Casse: Just what the hell do you think you're doing?

It's the wrong field, you idiot!

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